When Grave Digger Dennis Anderson's daughter wanted a DJ for her 18th Birthday Bash at Muddy Motorsports, they chose PROBX DJ. Thanks Dennis.

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You have got to score three, two won't cut it. All you need now is the best Master of Ceremonies between the waters. PROBX DJ brings waves of energy to every event.

The hat trick


Lights, camera, action. What comes first? LIGHTS! So why not have a rock concert light show for your event, with more lighting & FX options than you ever knew you needed.

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Wedding & Event Specialist

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Heaven let the light Shine down

Making Waves

With the latest in speaker technology, PROBX DJ has the system that is sure to provide the best sound for your event. You WILL FEEL the music!


Wedding DJ Specialist

The TRIFEcta

From Hatteras to Carova PROBX DJ has the Sounds Covered

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A good  DJ can make any gathering a lifelong memorable event, whether it's a wedding, anniversary, birthday, holiday, or any other special occasion.

But don't just "have a party",


by hiring a great MCDJ and hear about it for years.

It takes three winners to hit the trifecta, so when you need a DJ for your event remember that it takes more than a turntable and some old vinyl to make your party pop. In the Outer Banks you need The SOUNDS, The RAYS, and The VOICE to have that winning day.

You need PROBX DJ.

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