From Hatteras to Carova PROBX DJ has the Sounds Covered

I know the wedding industry. I started working receptions over 25 years ago as a senior in high school at the local country club. I took those skills to college and beyond, having worked in catering, bar tending, d├ęcor, planning, flowers, and rentals.  Now I am putting all my experience into being the best DJMC available. I LOVE MUSIC! And I know what flows. 


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It's been a long time since the invention of the vinyl record. Although DJs rarely use them, they have made their comeback in recent years and to know that I still have nearly 450 (not to mention a few hundred CDs) brings a powerful nostalgic emotion. I love music. All kinds.

I have been involved, in some way, with over 300 weddings over a 25 year span. I have a wealth of knowledge and experience with which to share and assist you. Timeline planning, coordinating event flow, and cooperation between vendors are all key to a successful event, and when it counts, the DJ is ultimately the link between everything; the binding agent.

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