Optional Lighting

Moving Head Spot Light

This light has 4 LEDs of Red, Green, Blue & White, and color mixing ability. It can be used as a spot light and is completely controllable.

Optional Lighting 

Par Lights - Flat par lights are perfect for uplighting, mood lighting, and general qmbiance. They are great for dance lights as well, With 18 LEDs and 7 channels for programming.

Optional Lighting

Magic Crystal Ball

This traditional style light had LEDs of red, green and blue. The bright colorful lighting is projected throughout any size room, with movement and speed control, multiple pattern options and strobe capability.

Optional Lighting

Chauvet Derby X

Enhance light shows with blackout, static and strobe effects.

Increase flexibility with individual control of red, green and blue LEDs within each of the 6 clusters.

Optional Lighting 

Chauvet Mini Kinta

Projects bright, colorful beams using high-power red, green, blue and white LEDs. Fills the room with eye-catching effects as light shines through 48 Lenses. Light source: 4 (1 red, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 white) 3 W (730 mA) LEDs.

Standard Package Lighting

Chauvet 4 Bar

Light Source: 432 (144 red, 144 green, 144 blue) 0.25W (20mA) LEDs

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